How long does shipping usually take?

For all shipping rates and delivery times, go to our Shipping page.


How do I enter a discount code?

If you have a discount code, you can enter this during the checkout process.

Please note that only one discount code can be used per order. Discount codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or offer.


Can I cancel my order or change my address?

We process orders almost immediately and most of the time cannot accept cancellations or changes to orders placed. You can send an email to info@facehalo.co.uk and we'll always try our best, however there are no guarantees.


Do I need to use cleanser or toner with my Face Halo?

It's personal preference! The HaloTech fibres are specifically designed to remove all traces of makeup without the need for other products so they will work using water only. Some customers tell us that they still like to use our cleansing balm or another cleanser as a second cleanse.


I wear lots of mascara and eyeliner, will Face Halo remove this?

In most cases, mascara will come off provided you hydrate your Face Halo with plenty of water. It works well if you hold the Face Halo over your eye for 5-10 seconds to loosen the makeup.

For stubborn or waterproof eye makeup, we recommend using our Cleansing Balm to loosen the makeup and assist in removal.


What's the difference between Face Halo Original and Face Halo Pro?

Face Halo Pro and Original both have the same amazing HaloTech fibres and makeup removing power.

The plush white Face Halo Original is the ultimate daily go-to for makeup removal or daily cleansing in the morning. If you've never used Face Halo before, you'll love watching how much makeup comes off onto your Face Halo. Face Halo Pro is perfect for removing heavier pigmented makeup/masks as the chic black fibres come up looking fresh after each wash.

It's personal preference - and personally, we like to have both!


What's the difference between Face Halo Glow and Face Halo Active?

Face Halo Glow and Face Halo Active skin sets with come with two HaloTech fibre pad, one for removing makeup, one for cleansing AND an exfoliating pad. Both sets are designed for a full cleansing routine and can be used by themselves or in conjunction with any of your favourite cleansin or skincare products. The difference between them is the Active set also contains a washbag for washing and travelling.


Can I use Face Halo with eyelash extensions?

Face Halo is perfect to use with eyelash extensions as Face Halo uses no chemicals and the soft fibres are gentle on eyelashes.


How do I clean my Face Halo

Hand wash your Face Halo after each use with warm water and soap (we find a bar soap works best). Make sure the scrub between the fibres on both sides to release trapped makeup. To release heavier pigmented makeup, you can also try rubbing two Face Halos together under warm water with soap, then pop them in a Face Halo Wash Bag in the washing machine with similar colours!

Do NOT wash Face Halo with fabric softener, it may coat the fibres and reduce their effectiveness.


Can I put Face Halo in the dryer?

We recommend air drying Face Halos as it better maintains their shape, but if it accidentally goes into the dryer, your Face Halos will still be effective and usable. Please see the label on the product for more information regarding washing and drying temperatures.

Do not dry Face Halo Bamboo Pads in the dryer.


Do I need to use fabric oftener when washing my Face Halos?

No, fabric softener reduces the effectiveness of the fibres because it coats the strands.


How long will my Face Halo last?

Each Face Halo can be washed around 200 times.


How can I become a Face Halo stockist?

Please email info@facehalo.co.uk with the subject line 'Face Halo Stockist Enquiry' and our team will be able to assist.


I am a creator, how can I get in touch for collaborations?

Please email your details to info@facehalo.co.k for all collaboration enquiries.

If you have any other questions, please contact our team at info@facehalo.co.uk