How To Use Face Halo



Face Halo works with either cold or warm water. The water loosens your makeup allowing the HaloTech fibre strands (which are 100 times finer than a human hair) to reach deep into your pores to remove and trap makeup, giving your skin a healthy and invigorating clean in half the time. Check out how using only water with the HaloTech fibres compares to other removal methods at The Halo Effect.

Just add water


You don’t need to rub or scrub. Simply wet your Face Halo and gently wipe off makeup. You’ll be surprised how much makeup comes off on your Face Halo. This is because the HaloTech fibres hold onto it and ensure nothing goes back onto your face. We like using the clean side of the Face Halo to check all your makeup is off. And for heavier eye makeup, we suggest you rehydrate your Face Halo well (with water) and hold it on the eyes or eyelashes for 10 seconds then remove



Hand wash after each use with soap and warm water making sure to scrub between fibres to release any trapped makeup.

Then, every 1-2 weeks, throw Face Halo into your laundry wash with similar colours. Face Halo reappears - fresh and ready to use again and again. It can be washed around 200 times! For some stubborn makeup residue you might want to handwash your Face Halo with soap and warm water first then throw into the washing machine. Important: Please don’t use Fabric Softener when washing as it will leave a coating that will reduce the effectiveness of the HaloTech fibres. More at Face Halo Care.

So Fresh. Still plush!